Why are Used SUVs in Fall River Flying Off the Lots?

When you choose to buy a used SUV in the Fall River, Somerset, Westport MA, Newport, or Tiverton RI area, you're already making the choice to save hundreds or thousands of dollars when compared to buying new.

But the benefits continue.

Buying a used vehicle has a ton of perks that you may not expect--and if you're looking for an SUV like the Ford Escape, Explorer, or Edge, Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Equinox, Subaru Forester, or Toyota RAV4, you could save even more by shopping with First Ford.

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BankRate, a website that looks at financing in all forms, chatted with car expert Phillip Reed to learn about why buying used vehicles like SUVs and crossovers could be a really smart choice.

"Reed says new cars typically depreciate about 20 percent when they are driven off the lot. Most cars will lose another 10 percent in value during the first year. That's a 30-percent loss in value during the initial year of ownership. A $30,000 car loses roughly $9,000 in value during that period. You can avoid that hit by buying a one-year-old used car. He cautions that one-year-old used cars are hard to come by, but it's becoming easier to find two- and three-year-old used cars."

Here's BankRate's full list of reasons to buy used:

  • Minimize vehicle depreciation
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Reduce registration fees and costs
  • Get more vehicle/features/stuff for your money
  • Maintain peace of mind--with vehicle history reports, warranties, and extended service contracts

You can check out the article here: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/auto/5-smart-reasons-for-buying-a-used-car-1.aspx
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