When it comes to a commercial fleet, keeping vehicles on the road is critical. Every time a vehicle is out of commission, a business can't make money from that car, van, or truck. That's why more and more businesses are relying on Ford's Commercial Vehicle Service to keep their fleet in peak condition.

Top Staff and Expertise

The one thing that really separates Ford's Commercial Vehicle Service from the competition is its trained team of commercial repair technicians. Ford works hard to keep a fully-staffed commercial vehicle service center that can work on all types of vehicles around Newport, RI. The team is trained to work diligently and get those commercial vehicles back on the roads of South Bend.

Top Equipment and Inventory

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than having a commercial vehicle off the road because the service center is waiting for a part to come in. Ford Commercial Vehicle Service Centers are fully-stocked with the most common replacement parts on Ford commercial vehicles. That allows the service center to handle repairs faster than most other service centers around Taunton, MA.

Priority Scheduling and Extended Hours

Many businesses don't work the traditional 9 to 5 days. That's why Ford's Commercial Service Center offers extended hours to meet the needs of the most demanding businesses. Also, the service center offers priority scheduling for those who need to have their commercial vehicle serviced as soon as possible. It's this type of specialized service that makes Ford Commercial Vehicle Service Center a top destination for many growing businesses.

Rentals and Loaners Available

While your commercial vehicle is in the service center near Tiverton, you don't have to deal with a depleted fleet. Ford's Commercial Vehicle Service Centers offer rental and loaner commercial vehicles to keep your fleet running at 100%. From passenger vans to cargo vans, you can get the vehicle that you need to keep your business in New Bedford going strong.

If you would like to have your commercial vehicle serviced, please contact First Ford in Fall River. You can schedule an appointment, get an estimate, or inquire more about the dealer's commercial vehicle services.

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