Get Your Credit Score for Auto Financing at First Ford in Fall River, MA

Why Should I Know My Credit Score?

Regularly monitoring your credit keeps you informed of your score and credit history. Knowing your score, lets you fix errors negatively impacting you, pay outstanding debts to increase the score, and confidently create a budget, and knowing what roadblocks you may encounter. Higher credit scores allow you to leverage better deals on things like auto loans and insurance premiums. Low credit scores often result in higher finance interest rates and may even hinder your ability to purchase or lease an affordable car.

How Much Auto Financing Do I Qualify For?

When you create a budget for your new car, an accurate estimate is helpful, so you know how much you'll need to finance. Getting your credit score and pre-qualified for financing lets you see what your interest rate will be. You can also find out what the projected payments will be using our online payment estimator, which asks for the vehicle price, your interest rate, the down payment amount, and loan period.

The estimated amount may be within your budget, more than you can afford, or even less than expected. Don't forget that including a trade-in can help lower the amount of financing you need. Ultimately, making timely payments on your new car will positively affect your credit score, decreasing future auto loans.

How Does My Credit Score Affect My Payments?

The amount of financing you qualify for is determined primarily on your credit score, which directly impacts the interest rate you receive on an auto loan. The best credit scores receive the lowest interest rates, and buyers with lower scores pay a higher rate.

Lease or Finance Your Car at First Ford in Fall River, MA

There are several tools and resources on the finance center website page for auto shoppers in the Westport, MA area. Get started by applying for credit any time of day using the online application from the comfort of your own home. Car buyers around Tiverton, MA, are welcome to visit our dealership in person and work directly with an experienced finance specialist to find the best financing rates and lease terms based on your credit score.