Used Ford Trucks For Sale in Fall River, MA

Used Ford F-Series Trucks in Fall River are One of the Best Values for Buying Pre-Owned

There's a very good reason that the Ford F-Series has been America's best-selling truck line for over 35 years: a lifelong commitment to quality and a passion for strong performance that allows many of its vehicles to consistently pass the 200,000-mile mark on the odometer. But what does that really mean for shoppers in Fall River, Somerset, Westport MA, and Newport and Tiverton RI who are looking for a truck that won't break the bank?

It means that any used Ford truck that you'll find on our used car lot was built with the same integrity, commitment, and rugged strength that we've come to love over the years. Whether you've got an eye on a used Ford F-150 light-duty pickup truck for basic towing needs and everyday driving, a used Ford F-250 Super Duty three-quarter-ton pickup for demanding daily use, or a one-ton used Ford F-350 Super Duty for optimal power and awesome capability for towing, hauling, and anything else you need it to, you'll find great quality and great deals on our used car inventory at First Ford.

Our inventory of used Ford trucks gives you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a strong and well-built older-model-year pickup truck without budging on your budget, but without having to compromise on quality or durability. See Certified Pre-Owned Ford trucks, used trucks with low mileage, pre-owned trucks under $15,000, and even shop used pickups with luxury features like premium seats, audio and navigation, and power everything.

All Used Ford F-150 Models Newer Than 2015 Are Made of High-Strength Aluminum

When it comes to finding a used work truck near Fall River that you can rely on, it's no surprise that all used Ford F-150 models newer than 2015 come built using high-strength aluminum that won't rust. If you're a driver in New England who is no stranger to the adverse weather conditions that frequently plague the area near New Bedford, then you undoubtedly understand the importance of driving a used truck that won't deteriorate due to the weather. As we transition from the hot months of summer to the cool, wet, and chilly months of the fall and winter, you'll want to make sure your used truck is optimized for whatever the conditions present to you.

As all Ford F-150 models made after 2015 come with a high-strength, military-grade aluminum body, drivers near Somerset, MA will never have to worry about their truck losing its value or its capability when tackling their next job. Engineered to withstand the weather conditions whether you're slogging through mud, rain, or deep snow, all Ford F-150 models made after 2015 are poised to maintain their figure whenever the going gets tough near Taunton.  

Affordable Used Trucks For Sale at Our First Ford Dealership Near Newport, RI

If you're in the market for a new truck but can't afford to pay the premium of something that's brand new, consider exploring our used inventory for an affordable option that's just as resilient and powerful as something that is brand new. Revel in the Ford F-150's high-strength, aluminum-clad body and optimize your workflow from the job site to the off-road trails outside of Westport, MA with confidence like never before. Have peace of mind when on the move that your used truck is built Ford tough and ready to handle any task that comes your way with unparalleled strength and resilience that you can depend on.

Learn more about our selection of used Ford trucks and schedule a test drive at our First Ford dealership near Tiverton by contacting us or visiting us in person today!

How to Buy the Best Used Pickup Truck within Your Means

As with almost any used vehicle purchase, the absolute best way to buy used Chevy trucks, Ford and GMC trucks, and used Ram and Toyota trucks is to find nearly-new, recent-model-year vehicles with as few miles on the odometer as possible. While that guarantees that you'll get a lot more life out of it, those trucks also tend to cost about as much as a new truck.

And if you're wondering how to buy the best used truck on your budget, our team has the knowledge--and the inventory selection--to help you out.

First Ford's Top 5 Tips for Buying a Used Truck That You'll Love

  1. Check tow and payload ratings: know what you'll be carrying or hauling before you start shopping, so you can explore truck capacities accordingly. If you're looking at a heavy-duty vehicle, but only tow an 8,000-pound boat once every few months, you can pay less and find a capable light-duty truck instead
  2. Consider fuel economy if you'll be driving a lot: modern trucks are designed to optimize for fuel economy--older trucks, not so much. If you'll be doing a lot of commuting in your truck, fuel economy is something you'll want to keep in mind
  3. Aim for a vehicle that is between 3 - 5 years old: if you can afford it, buying a vehicle that's about three years old, or a little older, will help you get the absolute best value. By this time, a truck will have suffered the largest hit in depreciation, and will hold onto its value much better going forward
  4. Check the history: if you've found a used truck that you like, but want to know more about it, ask for a CARFAX report. We offer this on some select vehicles, and would be happy to help you find peace-of-mind
  5. Buy your used trucks at First Ford: this is our top tip. Our used truck inventory is built and maintained by our in-house truck experts, so you can be confident in the quality and consistency of the vehicles that we offer. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, we'll put our team on the trail of your perfect pre-owned Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Ram, GMC, or Nissan truck

Top Used Trucks in Massachusetts

Wondering what used trucks are the most popular in places like New Bedford, MA or Newport, RI?

  • Used Ford F-150 SuperCrew
  • Used Ram 2500 Crew Cab
  • Used GMC Sierra 1500
  • Used Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro
  • Used Ford Super Duty

Want more? Search the entire used car inventory to see all of our available pre-owned trucks, and compare deals and price across the full lineup of vehicles.

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