Value Your Trade at First Ford in Fall River, MA

What Is My Car Worth?

If you're interested in trading in your car, you're probably wondering, "How much is my car worth?" It's important to know your car's value before trading or selling it. Not knowing the actual value leads to unrealistic expectations since your trade-in value could be less or even more than expected, impacting your decision. When your car is worth more than you thought, you'll have more value to put towards a new vehicle and lower your payments.

No Obligation Trade-In Appraisals

Customers near Westport, MA, know they'll receive a fair, honest, and reliable trade-in appraisal from First Ford in Fall River, MA. There is no obligation to sell or trade to our dealership, making the vehicle appraisal stress-free. If you are in the market to get a car, browse through our available inventory online and find the perfect new or used Ford sedan, hatchback, coupe, SUV, or truck from home.

Maximize Your Trade-In Value

Many car owners are surprised by what impacts a car's resale value. Aside from obvious things like the vehicle model, mileage, condition, and accident history, you'll need to consider other factors. Be prepared when asking for a trade-in appraisal and do your homework. Provide the correct trim of your car's make and model and thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior for scratches or dents. Collect all maintenance records to support the vehicle's service history. Remember, the location, time of year, and current supply and demand levels will also impact your car's value.


What are the benefits of trading in my car at First Ford?

At First Ford, trade-ins are hassle-free transactions handled in just one place. Customers around New Bedford, MA, trust us for providing fair offers on all trade-ins. We'll manage the entire process and take care of all the paperwork for you.

Can I Trade-In for a Lease on A New Car?

Yes, you can! It's easy to apply the trade-in value of your car as a down payment on a new lease. Our finance department helps you select favorable leasing terms and even lower your monthly payment. Shoppers can drive to our dealership with their existing car and leave with a new one on the same day.

Request Your Trade-In Appraisal

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